Interview with The Nomadic Boys

I am delighted to have had a catch up with the guys behind Nomadic Boys!

Stefan and Seby boast a following of over 95k on Instagram along with a very successful blog focussing on Travel, food and a host of other treats!

Stefan and Seby are a French/ Greek couple who love nothing more than travelling the world, and sharing their experiences with everyone! If you haven’t already, make sure you visit their Blog or their Instagram page.

How did you meet?

 We first set eyes on each other on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at the GAY bar in Soho, London. Sebastien was meeting friends to talk about moving to Spain to start a new life and Stefan was meeting a work colleague about a possible career move. We were too shy to speak to one another and it was Stefan’s friend who helped break the ice. The rest is history.

 We have been together for over 6 years. After 2 years, we bought our flat together, renovated it and enjoyed a happy life in London. We figured if we can survive that, then surely we can survive travelling together long term.

Where was your first date?

Beaujolais – a French bar in central London

Who is the most romantic?

Seby says it’s him by default because he’s French. Stefan has learnt that it’s best to let Seby have his way.

Where was your first holiday?

Venice – to celebrate our 1st year anniversary in February 2010.

How did you build you social media following?

We love social media, particularly Stefan and spent a lot of time everyday engaging with our followers. Engagement is the most important thing to build an effective and influential base.


Has there been anyone who has really influenced you?

Jodi of Legal Nomads was the first blogger we stumbled on when Stefan was researching what other former lawyers had done with their lives.

What made you want to start your own travel blog? 

Sebastien was on the verge of leaving London and Stefan had hit a lull in his legal career and was looking for something new. We talked about moving to new places long term and earning money along the way to fund this and to make long-term travelling a new lifestyle/career.

 In around 2012, we agreed to go for it and start in Asia. So, we started planning and saving up and set 2014 as the year we would be financially ready to leave London.

 We set up the blog before we left London in June 2014. It was a mutual decision and has become our baby.

 The blog has been an excellent way to keep a record of our travels. It’s great because it forces us to be more involved with our travels, such as what we are eating, when and why was a particular building built and making a strong effort to meet locals.

 The main 2 things we both love are picking up recipes from each country we visit ( and trying to meet local gays and gain their point of view of the gay scene:


How often do you travel?

As often as we can, but this year we’re going to be focusing more on making a new home base for ourselves in Stefan’s homeland – Cyprus.

Do you prefer beach holidays, city, or country escapes?

Always a beach holiday as we love scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. Seby prefers countryside escapes, Stefan prefers city life more.

Who tends to do most of the planning?

It used to be Stefan who is more of a control freak. But Seby is the more discerning one, so he quickly took over things.

Do you both have individual roles when it comes to updating your pages and blog?

Seb is our IT guru, he plans our trips, our videos and also has a specialty and interest in SEO. Stefan does all the written content, editing, photography, PR and marketing, which includes managing our social media.

What has been your favourite place to visit and why?

Thailand – it’s got it all. Delicious cheap food, the best beaches and underwater experiences.

Do you need space away from each other when you return from travelling?

Definitely. A small gap of not seeing each other for a while is always a very healthy thing for every couple.

Do you set a budget when you plan a trip?

We used to when we started, and this is definitely important when you’re travelling on a budget – keeping a spreadsheet of all your spending is the best way to keep on top of this.

Have you encountered any issues when travelling as a gay couple?

Overall no, because we call/email the place we’re staying at in advance to ensure they know who we are, and are comfortable having two men sharing a double bed.

Do you check the laws regarding homosexuality when travelling to different countries?

Always. This is very important for personal safety. In one extreme case – Brunei, we avoided it altogether due to the strict Islamic/Sharia Laws they have in place.

What are your favourite meals?

Anything Asia – especially Sichaun Chinese food, Japanese, and Thai.

Favourite drinks?

Margaritas, as well as coconut milk.

Who does the packing?

Stefan is much more efficient at it. Seb is the perfectionist and takes HOURS to pack, even after so many years of travelling – he’s getting worse as he’s getting older

Who is the most relaxed?

Stefan is far more easy going.

Do you buy new clothes before each trip?

It depends on the trip. If it’s a ski trip, or intense trek, then yes, we need to factor in a new wardrobe. But usually you can get it all cheaper in the place you’re going to.

Who is the most fashion conscious?

The discerning Frenchman Seby of course. Stefan is more easy going.

What age did you both come out?

Stefan was 20, Seby was 18.

What has been your favourite LGBT event?

London and Madrid gay prides

Where would you reccomend for LGBT holidays?

For party beach fun, Sitges, Barcelona, Ibiza, Mykonos, Tel Aviv, Puerto Vallarta. For something with more cultural experiences, Thailand, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Taiwan, Berlin.

Future travel plans? 

We want to explore more of Europe and the Middle East. New Zealand/Australia is top of both our bucket list, and Stefan is desperate to do a cruise to Antarctica one day.

An interesting fact about each of you that we don’t already know?

Seb’s first pet was a goldfish called Mystique.

Stefan dabbled in theatre before law school and was in several plays in the London West End.

Thank you both so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know you both a little better! Its been great fun! I wish you all the best for the future, and hope to see you both at a party soon! Lots of love!Peace.

Stefan and Sebastien.

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