To plan… or not to plan

How do you prepare your holidays or trips?

Are you the kind of person who looks for the cheapest? Are you more of a ‘no expense spared’ kind of booker? Or are you the kind of person who always dreams but never books?

I always find it fascinating how different we can be when it comes to planning a holiday. I have to admit I am a bit of everything when it comes to holidays. As you guys probably know by now, I love spending all my money on travel! Holidays mean a lot to me, and I am truly at my happiest when I am discovering something new.

There are times when I really need to get away, so I will literally sit in front of my laptop and search for a cheap deal to somewhere I have never been before. If you have never done this…. Do it! Some of my favourite holidays, have been last minute deals to places I had never thought of. When we booked Croatia, it took a matter of 20 minutes and it was the most romantic, beautiful holiday I have had.


When I am booking ‘the big holiday’ and I am sure you all know what I mean by that… It can take nearly a week to plan everything. I leave for Thailand in 40 days and we have planned every minute of our journey and our itinerary. We managed to get a fantastic deal, but I didn’t want to skimp out on a few extras when this will be my main holiday this year. Plus it’s a long flight from the UK so its not guaranteed I will get the opportunity again. We searched through loads of comparison websites and travel agents to get the best deal on flights without too many changes. We finally settled on flying with Emirates through and our flights cost just short of £500 return! To Thailand! From the UK! Amazing! This flight only includes one stop in Dubai. So I would always recommend shopping for the best deal if you are only planning on having one big holiday a year, but if you are looking to ‘travel’ a few times throughout the year… Take some risks! Life is too short to dwindle. Im not saying lets all book the first flight out to Baghdad tomorrow morning, but there are so many hidden gems around you that you might not have even thought of!

Get travelling! Its so worth it! There is so much to see in this world and you can’t do it from your sofa.

I would love to hear about your trips, holidays or potential travel plans! So please get in touch! And if you are looking for recommendations, Id love to help!


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