Disney World Orlando

Where do you even begin on DisneyWorld. Firstly… it’s huge. Every inch of DisneyWorld has been carefully constructed by the seven dwarfs, and there are more things to see there than in the whole of the UK.

The day we left, it was absolutely pissing it down in the UK. I love that. It makes getting on the plane feel even more special.

British Airways have always been my choice for flights, and I find using avios very straightforward. (I also link my account to shell, so I get points for filling up my car). The flight took us about 9.5 hours (3 and a half films, and a few episodes of American Dad), which wasn’t bad going. We arranged to have a night flight so that we could try and sleep on the way there and land in the morning… no such luck. I WAS GOING TO MEET MICKEY MOUSE!

When we landed, we were absolutely starving! First stop… the cafe inside our hotel. We stayed in the Ramada Gateway, which was perfectly situated in relation to the parks, and the room was ginormous! So anyway…. food… I knew the food in America was large but this was something else. I ordered a fish finger baguette and ended up with…

Our first day we headed straight to “The happiest place on Earth”. I had never been so excited in my life! My first view of the castle nearly left me in tears (gay right?). It was like all my childhood dreams had come true!

I have been to DisneyLand Paris many times but this really was something else. The main park is split into sections, which makes navigating it much easier. My favourite area of the park would have to be Frontierland (Big thunder mountains home). The theming for each area is fantastic, and you can see Walt’s stamp on every building and every cobble. Every area of the park is so different to the previous, it really feels like you are travelling when you step into the next land. Discovery Land is a firm favourite for thrill seekers due to Space mountain. This is one of my favourite coasters as the lights and theme really bring it to life. One ride you HAVE to ride out of tradition is of course It’s a Small World.

Be sure to pick up your ‘first visit’ pin badge from Guest Relations when you arrive, as some cast members will interact with you because of it! I will be doing a ‘What to pack for Orlando’ so I wont go in to too much detail now, but make sure you take sun cream! My first evening was spent covering myself in Aloe…

Once you have navigated your way round the park… your first meal out needs to be at the Rainforest Cafe. The food is incredible, and the interior is incredible. It really feels like your eating in the jungle.

The steaks are out of this world, and the salmon is cooked beautifully. Eating out in Disney Springs can be fairly expensive, but it was closer to the park than our hotel and we didn’t want to miss the fireworks! If you are on a budget, there are some great cafes and restaurants in the area which are of pretty good value.

The evenings in WDW are so magical! The castle looks absolutely stunning!

And not to mention the parades and entertainment throughout the day are dazzling. The costumes look like they have been hand stitched by the fairy godmother herself!

Day two was spent in Animal Kingdom. I absolutely loved the fact you felt like you were in Africa surrounded by the wildlife. The safari tour is an excellent way to see all the animals so don’t miss out on experiencing that! The train is also a great way to get around and see all areas of the park.

The entertainment in Animal Kingdom is equally as spectacular as Magic Kingdom with regular shows throughout the park.

Don’t forget to try all the street food around the park which is phenomenal! It really feels as though you are in a street market in South Africa!

Everest is one of the greatest rides across all of the Disney Parks. Be sure to download the WDW app so that you can organise all of your fast passes. Everest can have fairly long queues, however with our fast pass we waited no longer than 15 minutes!

Our third day was spent by the pool in the hotel (sunburn and blisters too blame) but this gave us a great opportunity to plan the rest of the trip! You can organise fast passes for the next day, as well as reserve tables for dinner on the WDW app. We also purchased a memory maker which saved all of our photos straight to our phone which was a great addition!

Over the next couple of days, we swapped between Magic Kingdom and Animal kingdom so we could finish each area of the park, and see all of the shows and characters. Which then left us with another main park of Disney to complete… Studios!

I love the layout of studios! It transports you to the early era of Disney and the magic of Hollywood.

Studios is also home to one of the best rides Disney has to offer… Tower of Terror! Which I can confirm… is terrifying! As you can see from my reaction, grabbing a random 7 year old girls hand.



But it really is a good ride. The theming is fantastic and Disney got it so so right!

Don’t miss the fantastic street shows and the new Star wars show while visiting studios!

The last park I need to discuss is of course Epcot! The coolest looking golf ball in the world!

Epcot, to me, seems like a very different park than the others. Its subtly educational and each corner of the park is trying to make you aware of the impact we have on our planet. Don’t assume this makes it boring. Epcot is great fun, and being able to drink in every pub around the world makes Epcot a winner! The British pub, is hilarious if you are from the UK!

Disney really does have something for everyone. The magic is alive here more than anywhere else on Earth. Add DisneyWorld Orlando to your bucket list and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed! There are hundreds and hundreds of things that I have missed from this blog and I hope to explore some of them in more detail in future posts, however if you have any questions or need ideas of places to visit, please get in touch!



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