What to Pack for… Dubai

So you’ve finally gone ahead and booked that holiday to Dubai… Fantastic! But what on earth do you pack for a country that is over 40 degrees celsius most of the time, and has humidity much much higher than most countries. Firstly… decide what you are going to be doing there. I mean if you plan on using the indoor ski slope most days that you are there, there is no point packing 300 pairs of shorts!

If you have booked no trips or excursions and are only planning on seeing the main sights of Dubai, I would recommend wearing something light. Dubai can regularly be over 40 degrees, and like I previously mentioned, the humidity can be way over what you are used to. You need clothes that won’t stick to your body as your visiting Atlantis or the Burj Khalifa.

If like me you have a fairly pale complexion (although I do tan well) make sure your tops cover your shoulders. The sun in Dubai can be really ferocious, and only a couple of minutes walking up the beach can leave you very badly burned. Long sleeve shirts can be used if necessary. I find 3/4 length trousers better than shorts, as you can be burned behind your knees when walking away from the sun.

Another thing I have to think about when visiting Dubai is the air conditioning. If you are considering a day in Dubai mall (the biggest mall in the world) you will be in the air conditioning all day. This can get particularly chilly if you are only in shorts and t shirt. Taking a cardigan to put round you can be wise on these trips.

If you are considering heading to the IMG theme park. I would treat it the same as the malls. The air conditioning inside the park can leave you feeling chilly, however the walk back to the car will be unbearable in jeans!

When thinking about heading out in the evening, I always take a pair of trousers with me and a shirt. There are certain dress codes for certain places, so don’t be surprised if you get turned away for being in shorts. A pair of black shoes will go in your favour too!

So there you have it! As long as you plan what you hope to do, you should be fine. And remember, Dubai has thousands of shops if you need to buy something that couldn’t fit in your case!

Don’t forget the suncream!



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