Dubai is one of my favourite places on the planet to visit. The main reason… My family live there. Free accommodation is always a winner, when the flights can be fairly expensive.

Travelling to Dubai as a gay man the first time, was the most nerve racking thing I have ever done. I had it in my head that as soon as we landed, they would smell the gay (Invictus) and have me in hand cuffs before I could say hola. This clearly didn’t happen as I wouldn’t be talking to you now…

Dubai was very different to how i envisioned it! I’m not saying lets all go under the rainbow flag holding hands and skip down sheikh Zayed road, but the amount of Brits and Americans there really does make you feel at ease. Before my family moved there, I have to admit, I was very anti-Dubai. I do not agree in any shape or form that any person (gay, black, disabled, purple or pink) should be treated differently to anybody else. So why should I want to visit a place where homosexuality is illegal?

I don’t think for a second I would have gone before my parents had moved out there, however after being once I now can’t get enough.

Dubai really is the millionaires playground. If you have money, anything can be achieved in Dubai! But even if you don’t fly there in your gold encrusted private jet, there are so many sights that you only get in Dubai.

The indoor air conditioned theme park, really needs to be witnessed. The rides aren’t as good as universal studios, but the themeing and the fact it’s an air conditioned indoor theme park alone make it worth a visit.

The dino section of the park, even includes a roller coaster which pulls you out into the desert!

One of my favourite places in Dubai just to go for a stroll, is without a doubt the Madinat. It screams Alladin when you walk around and really brings out the arabian side to Dubai. The shops are beautiful, and the bars and restaurants are top notch. Trader vics do the best cocktails!

You also get the perfect view of the Burj AlArab from the ‘top deck’. The outdoor seating areas as you can see from the pictures, are very quiet when the temperature peaks at nearly 50 degress celsius! The Burj AlArab is the only 7 star hotel in the world, and if you get the chance to visit you can see why!

The place to be when Dubai gets dark, is by the Marina. There are some fantastic clubs around (you may even see some famous faces) and the views of the lights and boats are incredible.

When visiting Dubai, the biggest (and I mean BIGGEST) must-see is the tallest building in the world… The Burj Khalifa. I can not explain how insignificant you feel when standing underneath this monster. It is so massive that I struggled to take a view of the entire building!


The Building goes from very impressive, to stunning as soon as the sun goes down. The lights from the Khalifa and surrounding buildings, create an amazing display. However you can be equally mesmerised by the fountain show during the day which runs every half hour!


You can’t not be impressed by the scenery in Dubai. There really is something for everyone. I haven’t even mentioned how stunning the beaches are!

I’m looking forward to returning to Dubai in early 2019!


  1. Nice pics. You really made it feel enticing.
    I’m wondering if you could suggest what I should do. I have a 7h layover in Dubai in the middle of the night. Just chill at the airport? Go out? Is it safe? Where would I go? Any suggestions what to do at the airport?

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    1. Dubai is very safe! It has a really low crime rate. I would say with a layover that short, you may just want to stay in the airport. The airport itself is huge with plenty to do! Go and check out the zen gardens, and then hit the shops 😊

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