Interview with The Globetrotter Guys

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After a very busy day at work (I’m now home at 8pm after getting up at 4:30am) I am very pleased to release my interview with the men behind The Globetrotter Guys.

Sion and Ben are a married couple from Manchester, UK. In January 2018 the couple quit their jobs and booked a one way flight to Mexico. Over the next few years they plan to travel as extensively as possible, blogging along the way and seeking out the best in gay travel and adventure.


The couple now have an Instagram following of over 11 thousand which is constantly growing, along with their Facebook and Youtube profile.IMG_0437

Firstly, Congrats on achieving 11.1k on Instagram. How did your blog start? 
Ben: Thank you! We love Instagram and have spent a lot of time engaging with the travelling community. In terms of our blog, we had always intended to go travelling again together and were talking about how best to document it while we were away. Sion had been reading lots of gay travel blogs online and decided we should do one to. There is a high saturation of travel blogs but not too many gay travel blogs so he thought we could do well in that niche.
 Who out of the two of you plans where you are off to next?
Sion: It’s really a joint effort and to be honest it constantly changes. Right now we are going from North to South in Latin America so that’s quite straightforward. Ben has worked in the travel industry for over ten years and was a Manager for STA Travel before we left so he is usually the one with all the knowledge and tips!
Do you ever feel you put work before your relationship?
Sion: No not at all. Since we are documenting our travel experiences together, the work and our relationship go hand in hand.
Do you both like to write your blog, or is there one of you ‘in charge’?
Ben: (Ben Laughs)
Sion: Not really, we have our set jobs. Ben looks after Facebook and I look after Instagram for example. I think I am definitely the pushy one on getting things done though!
What has been your favourite destination?
Ben: On this trip? I’d have to say Playa Del Carmen. It’s a smaller more manageable version of Cancun but there is a lot more to do and see instead of it just being hotel based. It was also very friendly in general as well as us feeling secure travelling a a gay couple. We could easily see ourselves living there.
Sion: Our favourite destination that we have been to outside of this trip has to be South Africa. We got to experience most of the garden route from Cape Town and then flew to Kruger National park. South Africa had everything, beaches, mountains, vast plains and some of the best (and cheapest) food and wine you could ask for. We lived like kings and loved it! Cape Town also has one of the best gay scenes outside of Europe. Take a look at an article we wrote for the Nomadic boys here:
Have you ever encountered any trouble when travelling as a gay couple?
Ben: We are very lucky to say no. We always get asked if we are Brothers etc but never had any serious verbal or physical abuse.
Do you find yourself checking laws in certain countries when travelling as a gay couple?
Sion: Absolutely, every time. Sometimes the laws don’t actually reflect the culture but it’s really important for us to know. For us it means that certain countries are a complete no go. One, because it could be dangerous for us and two, because we don’t want to support their economy. There is the flip side that you feel you should go because your presence could help the LGBT community but then you circle back around to your own safety to – its a hard one. It is actually quite scary how many countries still have the death penalty.
How long do you spend away from home on average, while travelling?
Sion: Prior to this big trip, we would try and go away 3 times a year. Ideally for 2-3 weeks at a time. Our longest trip was for 9 months back in 2011 when I had finished University. The current plan is to travel for as long as we can with the savings we have, so we’ll see how we get on!
Who takes the best photos?
Ben: Sion does because he has much more patience than me and knows how important the picture quality is for Instagram.
Who proposed to who?
Sion: Ben proposed to me! He took me to New York for my birthday as a ruse. It was February so it was thick with snow and beautiful there. On the final night, my birthday, he had arranged for the rooftop of our hotel to be cleared of snow, closed off to the public and set up with wine, music and roses. He took me up to the roof for a birthday surprise and proposed! It was perfect 🙂
Do you find sometimes you need space away from each other when you return home?
Ben: Yes, I do. I do like my own space to chill out and do my own things from time to time, but we don’t really get in each other hair anyway!
Do you have a budget in mind before you book your getaways?
Sion: For a normal holiday – a loose budget. For the indefinite trip we are on now a quite strict budget that we try to stick to. We are aiming for $60 per day between us in Latin America. It’s hard, but doable if you are clever with AirBnb and cooking for yourself instead of always eating out. Today for example, we have a stunning AirBnb for $30 and we spent $10 on three meals for the day.
Would you say you prefer beach,city or rural trips?
Ben: That’s a hard one. For a normal holiday we definitely would pick somewhere with a nice beach but where we can still do plenty of daytrips and activities. However for a long term trip we like to mix all of these up. Already so far we’ve experienced all three going from New York to Belize.
Do you hire a car when you travel or use public transport?
Sion: If public transport is manageable we will take it. If we feel it is unsafe or too stressful we will hire a car. We recently hired an open top jeep to explore Cozumel in Mexico and it was the best way to see the island.
Do you consider yourselves foodies, and what type of food do you like on holiday?
Sion: Absolutely. We can definitely be food snobs sometimes! I won’t usually eat at a restaurant without checking TripAdvisor first! But obviously when you are travelling its a case of being a bit more adventurous. We love trying all the local food available. Recently in Caye Caulker (Belize) they had whole fresh lobsters for $12 so we had to try that!
Are there any ‘essentials’ you make sure are always in your case when you travel?
Ben: That’s hard. Without a doubt we overpack.
Sion: Moisturiser! Especially when you are in and out of heat and sea and aircon.
Ben: Books is a good one to make long journeys go quicker and to have something to do at the beach.
Sion: Our hats! We tend not to do our hair at all on holiday or when we are away so caps are a must for us.
Lastly do you have any tips for creating a successful blog and social media presence such as you have?
Sion: I would say get engaged and show a genuine interest in your potential audience. Also, since this is becoming a bigger and bigger industry you need to have a niche or you are just going to get lost in all the other blogs out there. Lastly I would say patience. There is a lot to learn and these kinds of things do not happen overnight, make sure you enjoy what you do or you won’t do well at it.
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Thank you so much guys for letting me get to know you a little better! It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope to do so again in the future.

For anyone looking to know more about these guys please check them out on at least one of the following!

On their Website

On Instagram

On Facebook

Or their Youtube channel!


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