So I’m a bit of a soppy git when it comes to Valentines and things. My other half is not in to it at all. Like not even slightly. Nothing. Nada. But I have learnt to be cool with that!

He finds the whole theme to be too commercial and constantly tells me “why should I only tell you I love you on one day, and not show you every day”. I am extremely lucky to have a man who dotes on me. He really does show me every day how much he loves me. So I have absolutely no right to be annoyed when the one day the world is telling him he HAS to show me, he doesn’t want to 😂

This year, he actually bought me a card! Which was literally major! He also took me to the most beautiful restaurant in Milton Keynes, and made a fuss of me all day. He may have done it through gritted teeth, but I know he did it for me.

We went for dinner at the Olive Tree in Milton Keynes. This is a Turkish and Mediterranean style restaurant, with a nice outdoor area which I can imagine in the summer is very popular; however it has only recently opened.

The staff inside were extremely accommodating and made a fuss of us from the moment we entered. We were treated to bread and dips, and then ordered some olives and humous for starters. The food was to die for! I lived in Cyprus for 3 years when I was younger, as my Dad was in the RAF, and the food transported me back to then.

For my main meal I ordered the fish platter… it was out of this world.

The fish was so fresh, and the potatoes cooked to perfection! It also came with a side salad which was nice with the sea bass (hidden under the rocket).

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and cant wait to head back there for another meal! After dinner we headed home and spent the evening in pyjamas watching movies in bed! For someone who hates the idea of Valentines, my partner went to sleep with a smile on his face 😋


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