London to me has always felt like a second home. I briefly lived just outside the capital a few years ago, but spent more time inside central than I did at home. Its busy, loud, damp, chaotic, but there is something about this city that brings you to life. I love the fact that in London, you can be whoever you want to be and no one gives a shit. Whoever decided that Londoners aren’t friendly, has never been to London. After the horrific events of Grenfell unfolded, it became apparent how unified the capital is. People from all walks of life, races and sexes, joined together to take a stand and offer the help that was needed.

Me and my partner find ourselves in London fairly regularly throughout the year. Every christmas we visit Winter-wonderland, for our anniversary we book a couple of nights in a hotel, and my christmas present this year was to go and see Wicked.

During the trip we hopped on a boat cruise up the Thames, and spent the morning soaking in the views. The Shard still impresses me and I am looking forward to the new buildings who will soon call London their home.

Hard rock cafe is always a must for us. American style dining is always a winner when you have completed your 10,000 steps before midday.

I have seen Wicked in the theatre once before, however I was still overwhelmed when defying gravity hits you with the high note. The actress who plays Elpheba is such a talented woman! Her voice is beautiful.

They seem to have got the set for the performance spot on, and it really draws you in.

If you get the chance you must go and see Wicked! I can’t recommend it enough!

We stayed in the Royal Cambridge hotel, which is just in front of regents park. The hotel was very clean and perfect for just a night away.

Get yourself to London and check out the unique markets, stalls, and back street shops which are like Aladdin’s cave. I hope to be back in the hustle and bustle soon 🤞🏼


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