How do you decide?

First of all I just want to say, I am loving being a new blogger. It feels incredibly freeing having so many blank pages to fill, and to have somewhere to go when I just want to write. Life is full of rushing around, and as soon as I get those comfy pyjamas on, I just want to sit in front of the TV. Now I feel as though I have something more meaningful to do. I have wanted to get involved in blogging for about 5 years now, but I struggle with self belief. Why on earth would someone want to read what I have to say? The first few days have been terrific. I have had some great feedback from people and it has been really inspiring reading all your stories. But…

What inspires you to start writing?

That may seem like a really dumb question. Most of us believe we have a niche and a topic to already write about. I like travel, so you would assume I switch this on and write as soon as I have booked my next trip right?

Where do the ‘in-between’ posts come from? Do you enjoy talking about your relationships? Your hobbies?

This isn’t a trick question, Im genuinely interested in your views on this. As a new blogger, I would love some new tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts.

I have a few topics that I would like to get into over the next few weeks but I thought you guys might be able to give me a starting place.



  1. Welcome!
    My blog doesn’t really have a niche. Creative writing pieces and news related opinion pieces take each about 49% of my blog. The other 2% are random things (awards, how-to, etc.).
    You’ll get the feel for it once you read and write more. I recommend sticking to what feels right to YOU. People do like personable posts.
    And tell me about it – ever since I started blogging regularly and interacting with the community, it has become almost equal to a full time job. I’m never bored now. No idling around.


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