First blog post

I feel like the title is a lie.

Writing my first blog post, to me, felt like writing my ‘about’ section. This feels like a very alien world to me right now. I’ve just discovered this voice in my head, which is telling me what to write right now. Its weird. But kinda nice though. Im looking forward to writing and sharing things with people that perhaps I should have explored before.

There is so much in life that we glaze over and don’t really discuss. I think that is what I want to explore with my blog. The little things. Why do we react so ‘cray cray’ to some things, and then act completely rational to major life events. I mean this is what I hope to look at… Two weeks down the line we may be discussing X factor results. Although probably not in February…

Anyway stick with me. Im not promising you the meaning to life, but we may be able to explain why Linda from down the road is such a bitch on Thursdays.




  1. Hey I just stumbled across your blog 🙂 My first couple of days blogging too. Check out my page if you get a chance. looking forward to seeing some more of your content! 😀 X


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