Croatia had been on my travel list for a while. The rolling hills and crystal clear water are what originally attracted me, however soon after landing it became clear Croatia had so much more to offer.

Me and my boyfriend booked four days at the stunning Hotel Croatia in the small fishing town, Cavtat. The hotel seamlessly slotted into the cliff overlooking the stunning waters. The view was out of this world. What was suppose to be a romantic get away, soon turned out to be the trip of a lifetime.

There is so much to tell you about this beautiful country, I am struggling on where to begin and how to keep the post word count down!

One of my favourite parts of this trip was our visit to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is without doubt, one of my favourite cities on the planet. The streets are visually stunning and completely transport you back to a time where life was much simpler. Due to its size, Dubrovnik can be fairly busy but don’t for one second be put off. The side streets hide gems of cafes and bars where you can get lost in the tranquility for hours.

The architecture is very medieval which makes it the perfect setting for the hit tv show Game of Thrones. Each building looks as though an architect has spent hours on deciding where each stone should be placed.

On our day trip, we walked around the entire city on the wall walk. From up here you can see the burnt orange roof tiles of each house and building and it is a perfect picture opportunity. We stopped in 3 cafes for a drink, where the staff are so welcoming. They offer a range of different drinks in each, however one cafe offered us fresh fruit smoothies. AMAZING!

For dinner we ate in the restaurant which over looks the harbour.

The food was presented beautifully, and tasted so fresh! I expected Dubrovnik to be fairly expensive due to the amount of tourists that visit, however we were pleasantly surprised.

If you visit this stunning country, I urge you to visit Dubrovnik. The pictures do it no justice.

I hope to return next year and explore more of this fantastic country!


  1. What a nice post about a beautiful city, can’t wait to go there… in March… and April… and May… and June… and July… I’m just making you envious since I live in Croatia and inviting everybody there 😀 Dubrovnik is a must but the whole country is stunning… The coast and the continental area with the lovely capital of Zagreb. Thank you for so many nice words about my country.

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